2014 Calendar

2014 Calendar


Characters come out from books, memoirs, films, or legends.

Each picture has one particular sense, personal or objective. All can be interpreted in more ways: each person bewares them from a different perspective and finds them positive or negative, nice or unpleasant, to remember or to forget.

We have tried to read them, to our way, with images and words. Also these pictures can be to them it turns again interpreted from who looks. The photos of the pictures are Massimo Velo interpretations.

The game of stories is really this and it is also the game of our job: to give space to the interpretation of each person, because she personalizes what she sees expressing her own thought.

The pictures are made with objects of various kind, with a wax casting on the fund.
In some cases parts of the portrait (as the legs of Pinocchio or the braid of Rapunzel or the umbrella of Mary Poppins) escape from the frame: some times the character requires more space, because any image as any word, can pretend to be exhaustive when it comes with stories...
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